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We offer a number of comfortable and effective treatments.
Facials, body treatments, hands, feet, spa baths and massage, and high quality skin care products.

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PLAXPOT Plasma-valo

Silmäluomien, kulmien ja ryppyjen tasaus ilman veistä - uusinta teknologiaa kauneudenhoidon alalla! Plaxpot on vallankumouksellinen ihon parannus menetelmä, joka ei vaadi leikkausta. Plaxpot Plasma valo on ei-kirurginen ei-invasiivinen hoito, joka kiinteyttää ja kutistaa veltostuneen ihon, pussit ja rypyt.

Miten se toimii?

Plaxpot plasmasalama saa aikaan mikro millimetrin kokoisen pisteen. Hoidettavalla alueella oleva iho reagoi välittömästi - solut vetäytyvät lähemmäksi toisiaan kiinteyttäen ja kutistaen ihoa. Plasma-salamasta jää
iholle pieni rupi, joka on iholla 3-7 päivää. Plaxpot on ainoa hoito, joka menestyksekkäästi kiinteyttää ja kutistaa veltostuneen ihon.

Silmäluomet 450€-610€
Alaluomet ja ”silmäpussit” 450€-610€
Molemmat silmäluomet ja alaluomet 795€-980€
Naururypyt 290€-350€
Naururypyt + silmäluomet ja alaluomet 950€-1190€ 
Otsarypyt 250€- 650€
Kulmien kohotus 350€
Rypyt suun ympärillä 450€ - 650€
Kaulan juonteet ja rypyt 450€ - 950€
Dekoltee 450€ - 750€
Arpienkorjaus 250€ - 750€
Raskausarvet 45



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In these before- and after pictures you can see the dramatic differense.
Stubborn fat is eliminated and stays eliminated.   

   KAKSOISLEUKA             750 €
   NISKA                                    500 € 
   ALLIT                                   1000 € 
   YLÄVATSA                   Alk. 500€ 
   ALAVATSA                  Alk. 500 € 
   JENKKAKAHVAT         1000 €
   REIDET SISÄPUOLI     1000 € 
   POLVET                        Alk. 500 € 
   VENUSKUKKULA  Alk. 500 €
Esimerkkejä hoitoalueista ovat kaksoisleuka, vatsa, jenkkakahvat, allit, rintsikkapoimut selässä ja kainaloissa, reidet, gynecomastia (miesten rinnat), voidaan joissakin tapauksissa hoitaa. Sitä vastoin käsittely ei ole laihdutusmenetelmä.
    Varaa aika maksuttomaan konsultaatioon:
    06 312 9800Ihohud, Vaasanpuistikko14, Vaasa 

   CoolSculpting jäädytyskäsittely

Coolsculpting freezes and eliminates stubborn fat. With Coolsculpting technology , the fat cells underneath the skin are gently cooled and targeted without damaging surrounding tissues. The treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen) and then die.

Fat reduction with CoolsSculpting
You can get rid of your doublechin and big thighs without surgery.  There are several areas of the body that are difficult or even imposseble to remove fat from by eating healthy and exercise. Fat reduction with freezing or cryolipolysis- is a gentle but effective treatment for reducing local fat deposits on the body without having surgery when diet and exercise is not helping.

Thanks to the cryolipolysis technology we can freeze and remove fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues. Cryo means "cold" and lipolysis means "degradation of fat". The treatment is suitable for body parts with excessive subcutaneous fat. Coolsculpting treatment can help both women and men to get rid of stubborn fat collections for good. This non-surgical treatment works on the so called love handles and that nobody really likes, and you can even get rid of the doublechin you look at in the mirror every day.

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varaaheti.fi/ihohud www.ihohud.fi MICROBLADING - MANICURE - GELLACK - EYEBROWS AND LASHES

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Do you want to get rid of your unwanted hair growth forever?
With Powerlite 600®PROF light impulse hair removal you get rid of your unwanted hair growth on your entire body.
How about hairless armholes, bikini lines, legs, back or face?
Have you been tired of constantly shaving and growing?


Powerlite 600® PRO IPL

• Hairremoval

• Sun damaged skin

• Superficial blood vessels

• Pigmentspots

• Age spots

• Fine lines

• Acne

• Rosacea

• Couperosa

Ihohud is an advanced IPL clinic / salon. We have been working actively with IPL for 10 years. We take our work seriously, educate ourselves and do the finest and most effective treatments.

Powerlite 600®PRO is one of the most effective methods available on the market today for skin rejuvenation / skin enhancement, hair removal, etc.

The possibilities and combinations for a good result are many.


                                                  Lääkinnällinen jalkahoito

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We offer you treatment and consultation in medical pedicure. Our treatments are performed by podiatrist and cosmetologue as well as a diploma medical foot therapist. Every client is unique, therefore every treatment gets customer-specific.
Read more about our treatments in menu/sevices/pedicure.

Welcome to pedicure.

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Powerlite® Needle Pen effectively treats aging and sundamaged skin, scars, wrinkles, skinbursts and hairloss. The results are comparable to laser grinding and Fraxel, but without the sideeffects of these methods. Less painful and no skin damage. The treatment stimulates growth of new collagen and elastin, which gives the skin a more even and younger appearance.

Powerlite-neulauskäsittely stimuloi kollageenin tuotantoa ja moninkertaistaa aktiiviaineiden imeytymisen syvälle ihoon (100%) ilman negatiivisia sivuvaikutuksia ja pitkää palautumisaikaa. Kollageeni ja elastiini tekevät ihosta tasaisemman ja nuorekkaamman.

The treatment also causes the absorption of active ingredients to increase. The Powerlite Needle Pen only uses specially developed products in the treatment, consisting of hyaluronic acid.

The Powerlite Needle Pen is electric and has 12 sterile disposable needles, the treatment is much more comfortable for the skin than traditional microneedling with rollers. The treatment is tailored for each individual and different areas by adjusting the needle lenght during treatment.

Treatment indications

• Aging and sun damaged skin

• Scars

• Lines and wrinkles

• Skin bursts

• Hair loss

The treatment with the Powerlite® Needle Pen System is fast, safe and efficient! Fits all skin types and skin colors and can be made all year round. 

The treatment

The treatment always begins with a consultation where we review the treatment and put up a treatment plan for you. First, a specially developed serum is applied to the skin, and after that the needle treatment begins. As the treatment progresses, the skin becomes red, which is a natural reaction to the skin tissue being stimulated and the repair and collagen activation begins.

The process time

The treatment time depends on the area being treated, for example the whole face takes about 30-40 minutes per time. After 2-6 weeks the collagen and elastin formation has started and you will begin to see results. Results are often seen after only one treatment, but a cure is recommended for best results. The number of treatments is individual, but on average it requires 3-6 treatments.

The treatment ends with MASQ+, an intense soothing and moisturizing face mask , which further increases the effect of treatment.

 Price from 220€.

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Microblading in Vaasa!

Say hello to your new brows!

Microblading is a way of semi-permanent make-up, where through manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin we create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows. ... Result looks natural and flawless as hair effect is recreated on the skin.

By Eliza Beauty Studio, Vaasanpuistikko 14

Also gelpolish, manicures,  microblading, eyelashes, brows and more...

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