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Wellbeing infrared rays for your body and soul.

Fresher skin and decreased cellulites.


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Enjoy the warmth of the sun in our medical sauna.

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Wellbeing infrared rays for your body and soul.

Shape your body without heavy exercise programs. Infrared deep heat consumes up to 1000 calories per time. Results can be seen after the first treatment.

Infrared heat is produced by sunlight, the main source of all life on earth. Medical sauna uses that part of solar energy that has a crucial meaning to our lives and health. The warmth is the same that we get from the sun, but now you can enjoy the heat of the sun in our medical sauna when it suites you. Shape your body without heavy exercise programs. Infrared deep heat consumes up to 1000 calories per time. The results can be seen after the first treatment.

Infrared heat has proven to be effective for:

Improved condition for heart and vascular.

Muscle discomfort, stifness, aches and muscle cramps.

Stiff joints, chronic joint diseases, rheumatism and arthritis.

Stiffness in shoulders and neck.

Wiplash injury.

Cold hands and feet.

Infrared heat is a 100% natural source of energy.

Fresher skin and reduced cellulites.

Infrared heat treatment creates increased blood circulation in the skin, which is crucial for beautiful skin. An inner glow is created when stored impurities are cleansed at a deep level and provides improved elasticity in the skin. Cellulites are a gel-like substanse of fat, water and waste products stuck in pockets under the skin. The excessive sweating that occurs during infrared heat treatment helps to clear these accumulations from the body. The body is heated directly by radint heat, not through hot air. The heat penetrates up to 3 times as deep into the body compared to traditional sauna. The heat reaches about 4,5 cm into the tissues and joints and is very effective for softening tight and sore muscles as well as relieving stiffness and acheing. Muscle cramps has been observed to decrease by using heat for a ong time.

Improves fitness
Medical research confirms that the effert it takes for the body to cool off corresponds to the effort that burdens the heart and vasculars during normal exercise The metabolic process (metabolism) increases and the blood vessels expand to easier bring forward the heated blood from the inside of the body outwards to the skin. Regular use may help to lower the blood pressure. Infrared heat treatment can also train the body to raise the blood pressure.

Eases skin problems
Infrared heat treatment increases the functioning of the connective tissue, makes the blood circulation more effective and improves the body's own immune system. Increased blood circulation and deep skin cleansing creates vitality and luster in the skin. Dry  and hard skin becomes soft, gentle and smooth. Clogged pores are opened which has a positive effect on acne. Infrared heat treatment can improve and reduce difficulties with excema and psoriasis as well as softening on scar tissue and even pain reliefing on scar tissue after burn.

Helps and strenghtens the immune system
The long-wave infrared rays heighten the body's temperature. This helps you to get rid of infections faster and increases the number of leukocytes (white blood cells) in the blood and thereby strenghtens the imunne system. Viruses and bacteria tolerate heat badly. The long-wave infrared rays helps to reduce swelling and inflammation by improving lymphatic flow. The skin is the body's largest detoxification organ. It has a large surfase and  the body uses sweating as a way to effectively remove slag products. Infrared heat is also beneficial to the lungs as well as other organs such as the liver and the kidneys.

The comfortable heat has good effect on stress and burnout. Infrared heat has proven to have long-term positive health effects. The deep warming of the muscles in combination with relaxing music leads the body to a relaxed state that is experienced strenghtening and provides wellbeing. Infrared heat has also been shown to have a very good effect on sleep problems.