Choose Restylane®, when you want natural, safe and individualized beauty.

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Over 30 million treatments performed with Restylane 

Restylane is a series of beauty treatments for the face. Restylane effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles, contours and creates volume as well as improves skin texture and elasticity.

It is natural!

Restylane provides natural looking results and are based on the unique NASHA technology whose hyaluronic acid is very similar to the body's own hyalutronic acid. Restylane is not a poison and does not affect facial expressions of facial movements. Since Restylane is not permanent, it avoids you to create a permanent look that you may regret when your face changes over time.

It is safe!

Restylane is leading on the market- 30 million treatments have been performed worldwide. Unlike other products with hyaluronic acid, Restylane does not contain animal products, which means that the risk of allergic reactions or transmission of infection is minimal.

It is for you!

Restylane products allow treatments to be tailored for your needs and wishes, and the results are immediately visible. Because the treatment is non-surgical, recovery time becomes minimal and you can quickly return to your usual life.

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The treatments are tailored for your needs and the results are immediately visible. Restylane is a natural beauty product that does not effect facial expressions or facial movements. More than 20 million treatments with Restylane have been performed worldwide.

Restylane is a crystal clear gel that is injected into the skin in small amounts to restore volume and structure. Restylane is based on a hyaluronic acid that resembles  the body's own hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid in Restylane is non-animal, which means that the risk of allergic or hypersensitivity reactions are minimal and skin tests are not required.

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The results with Restylane are long lasting

The results of a treatment with Restylane are long lasting without being permanent, which gives you the freedom to choose if you want to maintain the effect. The results of a Restylane treatment are usually visible for 6-12 months, and with only one follow-up treatment, the effect, in a new clinical trial, has been shown to last up til 18 months. In order to maintain the results in the lips, a follow-up treatment is usually needed within 6 months.