Bust lift with the Powerlite method™

Bust lift without surgical procedure

Now the bust can easily get a natural boost, better skin structure and increased volume using the Powerlite method™. The technology is fast, safe and the results are visible immediately.
Bust lift with the Powerlite method™

How does the treatment work?
Before the treatment begins, a consultation is always conducted. The treatment begins with a specially developed massage with a bust gel containing the plant substance Pueraria Mirifica, and after that the area is treated with intense pulsating light.

Immediately after the treatment you can see an instant result; increased lymph circulation, increased blood circulation and increased cell metabolism cause the bust to get a natural boost, increased volume, increased elasticity and improved skin structure. After breastfeeding, the breasts often looses their firmness and shape, but with this treatment the shape of the breasts can be recreated. Wrinkled and premature aging skin in the area is smoothed by light treatment.
In order to achieve a lasting result, a series of about 5 treatments are required (for large busts more treatments may be required depending on gravity and the weight of the bust). The treatments are performed with an interval of about 7 days. It is necessary that you have adipose tissue (fat) to work with in order to get an increased volume.