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New endermology®-patented - technology effective technique for faster skin stimulation.

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A superior method for reducing cellulite and scarring as well as bodysculpting.

Gives you a smoother more fit skin as well as relieves muscle and joint pain.

Whole body |60 min |90€|

Series treatment 5 times |410€|

Series tretment 10 times |810€|

Part area |20 min |60€|

Series treatment 5 times |240€|

The technology is developed and patented by LPG Systems in France. The method was invented by Louis Paul Guitay (LPG), who int the end of the 1970's was involved in a car crasch. The accident caused severe burns. The damage was massaged daily for 3-4 hours by therapist to soften the skin and restore muscle function. The massage gave good results but took way too long , so Louis Paul Guitay invented a machine that replaced the manual massage.

The machine was also used on other patients and after further development and new research, it was found that the technique also significantly increased the blood circulation in the skin, lymphatic drainage and reduced cellulite. 

This medical breakthrough was possible thanks to a unique patented technique with rollers and vakuum suction that massages the skin. The method is a non-surgical and painless massage that improves blood circulation, increases lymph drainage and improves skin condition from top to toe.  

The method is the world's first patented technology for treating cellulite, and it's the first cellulite treatment that has been approved by the FDA in the United States.

This Endermology®/LPG machine, recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide, has shown incredible results.

What is a cellulite?

Densificated connective tissue combined with poor blood and lymph circulation is the most common cause for the body forming so-called cellulite. The inelastic anchoring points (septa) of the skin, pulls the skin into underlying tissue, and between these the swollen fat cells and the excess fluid bends. This gives the skin an orange-like appearance. The decreased blood / lymph circulation contributes to a collection of metabolic slag products, metabolic degradation and connective tissue densification. Elasticity deteriorates and calluses can occur in the tissue. This results in areas with fat collections and cellulites that do not respond to bodily exercise or strict diet.

The treatment affects the fat cells into lipolysis, which means that they release stored energy. This makes the fat cells smaller and the fat deposits shrink. This in turn promotes continued circulation and a long-term result. Collagen and elastin in the skin are also positively affected and this results in a smoother and firmer skin. Endermology also has an relaxing effect through it's stress relieving and softening effect.

Before and after surgery. Even before and after liposuction or abdominal surgery, treatment is effective. Prior to surgery, to improve circulation in fat deposits and to speed up the healing process when you do not have slag and poison in the tissue. After, to drain the fluid and reduce swelling and pain. At a later stage, the method can be used to reduce any unevenness that may occur in conjunction with liposuction. 

How does the treatment work? Each treatment lasts for about 35 minutes and the results can be seen after about 5-8 times. A basic treatment for cellulites is 14-20 times and is performed twice a week. The treatment result can then be maintained approximately 1 time per month. The number of treatments is individual and depends on body type, physics and eating habits. Continuity and dedication in terms of diet and exercise are important to maintain the results.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions about the Endermology method.