Cuvget Renewal Night Cream 50ml

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ČUVGET Renewal Night Cream


ČUVGET Renewal Night Cream is a unique combination of Arctic plant extracts that have proven to fight the signs of premature aging. The cream formula´s potent ingredients, including the unique patent pending Arctic Čaga™ extract, stimulate night repair of the skin cells and barrier functions. The cream improves hydration, skin elasticity, and reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. ČUVGET Renewal Night Cream will stimulate skin repair and work against both extrinsic and intrinsic aging to ensure optimal skin rejuvenation.

•    Reduces signs of fine lines and wrinkles

•    Actively hydrates your skin

•    Leaves a radiant and even skin tone

How to use:
Apply every evening on your face, neck and décolletage.

“The mystical Northern lights creates an amazing radiant glow that dances across the skies of the Northern hemisphere during the dark period of the year. This gave me an idea to create a night cream that gives the same powerful and nourishing effect to the skin throughout the night.” 

    - Geir Håvard Kvalheim, Founder -