Neat Feat Touch Hand Lotion 50ml

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Neat Feat

Touch Hand Lotion


  • Antiperspirant moisturizing hand lotion
  • Reduces hand perspiration
  • Combines a proven antiperspirant in a soothing moisturizing base
  • Lasts for hours even after hands are washed
  • Keeps hands dry and supple for a secure sports grip
  • Safe for all ages
For Dry Confident Hands

Neat Touch Hand Lotion contains an antiperspirant active ingredient in a moisturising, protective, cosmetic base. The product helps to prevent excessive hand perspiration and assures the user of dry, confident hands. Neat Touch also has deodorant properties.
Hand Perspiration:

Although the volume of perspiration produced by the hands is affected by the temperature of the environment, the function of the sweat glands on our hands is, to a large extent, under nervous control. Clammy hands - which are induced by a nervous rush to the sweat glands - can be a source of embarrassment.
Until now, it was not something which we could do anything about.
Neat Touch, however, prevents the palms of our hands from becoming excessively sweaty, while the lotion itself moisturises the skin to prevent dryness and chapping. Neat Touch can be part of the daily grooming routine, or it can be used just before an important meeting or sports event.
Neat Touch is particularly helpful for sports people: tennis/squash players, golfers, bowlers, bikers etc. For sports people who wear gloves, eg. Golfers, Skiers, Bikers. In social meet and greet situations Neat Touch ensures a dry handshake, and its antiperspirant effect will last for several hours even after the hands have been washed.
Neat Touch is best applied to the palms of washed and dried hands, although it can be used at any time, and as often as necessary. Its antiperspirant effect will last for several hours - even after the hands have been washed.