Fractora Firm & Fractora microneedling

Fractora Firm tightens the skin by increasing collagen production. It is a safe, non-sugical treatment. The result is clearer, softer skin with increased firmness. Fractora Firm is painless and it has no convalescence.

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Fractora Firm and Fractora microneedling

Fractora Firm uses radio frequency to treat the skins structure through face tightening. Common areas to treat are under the eyes, cheeks, jawline and neck.

You may get a little bit red and swollen after the treatment but not for longer than 24 hours. 

How many treatments is needed?
It can take up to 2 months before you see the finished result and you will need 4-6 treatments every other week. The effect of the treatment lasts for about 12-18 months. 1-2 maintain treatments are recommended during this time.

The Fractora Firm treatment increases the blood circulation and promotes tissue production. 

Fractora Firm is also usually done before starting with Fractora microneedling treatment. 

Fractora Microneedling treatment is the most advanced radio frequency treatment, it provides anti-aging skin tone enhancement and structure for a more radiant appearance through ablation (microneedling) and skin regeneration.Fractora Microneedling delivers RF energy to the skin through a matrix of pins that produce local heat and small micro sores in the treatment area. The gentle heat generated by the Fractora pins in subdermal tissue promotes collagen production for skin regrowth  and improved skin appearance. The methodic spread of micro lesions allows the skin to heal faster than if the whole area was removed. Fractora microneedling can be used in areas showing fine and deep wrinkles, scars or with discolored red and brown spots.

Ablation of the skin promotes skin regeneration while untreated skin between the pins promotes faster healing of the treated tissue. The treatment is adapted to each patient and allows the user to vary the depth of ablation, coagulation and healing.

The most common treatment areas are lower eyelids, upper eyelids, wrinkles around the eyes, cheeks, mouth and neck. Fractora microneedling reduces all signs and symptoms of aging skin with fine lines, deep lines, structure, pigment spots, bood vessels and redness. Fractora microneedling offers improvements for aging skin that would normally require two, three or even four different techniques.