Akileine - Hydra Defense Balm, 30ml
8.00 € 8.00 € 8.0 EUR
Akileine - Ice Gel, 50ml
14.50 € 12.50 € 12.5 EUR
Tired and burning Feet

Akileïne® Ice Gel, with its dual soothing and refreshing benefits, immediately and permanently calms and decongests tired and overheated feet. Blood microcirculation is stimulated and the feet are decongested. The ice effect is still felt several hours after application.
Akileine - Instant Freshness Spray, 150ml
23.00 € 19.50 € 19.5 EUR
Tired and burning Feet

Akileïne® Instant Freshness Spray gives an instantly fresh feeling to overheated and tired feet. Feet are soothed as of the first application. The freshness effect is felt even through tights, stockings or socks.
GEHWOL med - Nail Softener, 15ml
14.00 € 14.00 € 14.0 EUR
Quickly and carefully softens cornification. Alleviates discomfort with ingrown toenails. The painful pressure of the nail on the nail bed is eliminated.
GEHWOL med - Salve For Cracked Skin, 125ml
18.50 € 18.50 € 18.5 EUR
GEHWOL med Salve for Cracked Skin is based on a well-tried mixture of special soaps and selected skin-friendly oils. It contains an effective combination of natural essential oils. With regular use your skin will regain its natural elasticity and resistibility and will be protected. Helps prevent cracks, skin reddening and any other unpleasant, related symptoms.
GEHWOL med - Antiperspirant Cream-Lotion, 125ml
18.50 € 18.50 € 18.5 EUR
GEHWOL med Antiperspirant Cream Lotion leads to drier, odourless feet with daily use. The skin is protected against sweat decomposing microorganisms, fungal infections and itching between the toes. Sweat formation is reduced and odour formation is prevented. Simultaneously, excessive dehydration and brittleness are prevented. GEHWOL med Antiperspirant cream lotion leads to drier, odourless feet with daily use. Aloe vera, avocado oil and glycerine nourish the skin while aluminium chlorohydrate reduces sweat formation. Zinc ricinoleate removes odours and sodium PCA protects the skin against dehydration.
GEHWOL med - Foot Powder, 100g
18.00 € 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
GEHWOL med Foot Powder contains the high quality care products tapioca starch, micronised zinc oxide and bisabolol for the prevention of foot odours and sweaty feet. The proven active substance clotrimazole helps to prevent fungal infections.
GEHWOL med - Sensitive Cream, 75ml
18.50 € 18.50 € 18.5 EUR
GEHWOL med Sensitive which was developed specifically for the needs of dry, sensitive skin. It regenerates the natural microflora of the skin, relieves itching and burning skin, reduces redness and protects against infections. Ultrapure microsilver (MicroSilver BG™) was included into the cream formulation. This nano-free microsilver forms deposits in skin wrinkles, gradually releasing silver ions. The silver ions interfere with the cell metabolism of bacteria and fungi. They become unable to spread and disturb the balance of the skin's natural microclimate. Ceramides additionally stabilize the natural skin barrier. Nourishing almond oil keeps the skin soft and supple. GEHWOL med Sensitive is also suitable for supporting therapy of neurodermitis as well as foot and nail fungus.
GEHWOL - Foot Powder, 100g
10.95 € 10.95 € 10.950000000000001 EUR
GEHWOL Foot Powder keeps the feet dry, silky and odourless. The special powder with the disinfectant GEHWOL active ingredients prevents infections. GEHWOL Foot Powder has a fresh and clean odour. It is recommended to put GEHWOL Foot Powder into your socks as well.
GEHWOL - Footdeo, 150ml
15.00 € 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
GEHWOL caring FOOTDEO Footdeo contains natural medicinal plant oils from rosemary and lavender, balanced in a combination of herbal extracts from chamomile and peppermint as well as with the main vitamin panthenol. GEHWOL caring FOOTDEO revitalises and stimulates the circulation. It has a long lasting refreshing and deodorising effect and provides long-lasting protection against foot odour. The spray effectively disinfects and protects you from mucous infections of feet and nails. It prevents inflammation and softens hardened calluses. The pump spray can be used upside down as well.
GEHWOL Fusskraft - Soft Feet Foam, 125ml
19.50 € 19.50 € 19.5 EUR
Soft Feet Foam absorbs rapidly, doesn’t leave any greasy residue and leaves behind a pleasant skin sensation. The light foot and leg care for normal to dry skin contains deep-acting hyaluron, which effectively penetrates the skin and provides it with lasting moisture. The highly-concentrated aloe vera extract in combination with urea also helps to fill empty moisture deposits and reduces the skin roughness sustainably. Valuable olive oil and avocado oil make the skin supple and visibly smoother, but also strengthen the skin barrier. The fresh scent ensures a special care experience. GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Foam for normal to dry skin absorbs rapidly, doesn’t leave any greasy residue and leaves behind a pleasant skin sensation. Deep-acting hyaluron, highly-concentrated aloe vera extract and valuable olive oil have a long-lasting moisturizing effect on the skin.
GEHWOL Fusskraft - Soft Feet Lotion, 125ml
15.00 € 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Soft Feet Lotion refreshes and nourishes with select active substances. Water lily calms and tightens, silk extract smooths the skin. A specially processed hyaluron is able to penetrate into deeper skin layers to store moisture there. The refreshing care is soothing for tired, heavy legs – supported by active ingredients to counteract dry, coarse, scaly skin and reduce moisture loss. The lotion is easily spread and rapidly absorbed. For the experience of light, silky soft nourished legs and feet.
GEHWOL Gerlasan - Hand Cream, 75ml
11.00 € 11.00 € 11.0 EUR
GERLASAN Hand Cream consists of a combination of high-quality ingredients that include aloe vera, jojoba, tapioca and urea to provide intensive care of overstrained hands and moisturizes them. Its optimal protection is rounded out with bisabolol to soothe the skin, panthenol to support regeneration and antimicrobial ingredients preventing fungal diseases.
GEHWOL - Foot & Shoe Deo, 150ml
15.00 € 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
GEHWOL Foot + Shoe Deodorant for daily foot care. Ideal for sports and on the go. Zinc ricinoleate prevents and removes sweat and odour on the feet and in the shoes. The pleasant scent provides confidence. Antimicrobial active substances protect against fungal infections in hotel rooms, baths, saunas and when trying on shoes. Also spray into the footwear.
GEHWOL Fusskraft - Herbal Lotion, 150ml
18.50 € 18.50 € 18.5 EUR
GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Herbal Lotion cools and refreshes tired feet, softens calluses and prevents itching of the skin and infections. The feet enjoy long-lasting deodorisation, foot odour is eliminated and the skin remains smooth and beautiful. GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Herbal Lotion contains a high portion of natural essential oils from rosemary mountain pine and lavender, selected skin-caring substances, deodorising and disinfecting substances and cooling menthol. GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Herbal Lotion for the daily care of your feet, simply spray on and rub in. Particularly care for heels and the spaces in between the toes. Environmental-friendly pump spray bottle without propellant. "Upside-down" sprayer sprays in any position.
GEHWOL Fusskraft - Nail and Skin Protection Spray, 50ml
14.00 € 14.00 € 14.0 EUR
Fusskraft Nail & Skin Spray. Moisturizes and cares for the nails of hands and feet. Promotes skin regeneration, gives elasticity to nails and skin, and protects against fungal infections. The product is a fast-acting fine oil that is absorbed in an instant and leaves no grease.
Medical Pedicure - 60min
75.00 € 75.00 € 75.0 EUR
Medical Pedicure Specialist - 60min
95.00 € 95.00 € 95.0 EUR
Medical Pedicure for Diabetics - 60min
75.00 € 75.00 € 75.0 EUR
1,000.00 € 1,000.00 € 1000.0 EUR