Eneomey - Light Renew Gel, 30ml
69,00 € 69,00 € 69.0 EUR
Pigment regulator anti-aging gel.
The pigment regulator anti-aging gel LIGHT RENEW GEL attenuates imperfections in pigmentation : melasma, age spots, pregnancy mask, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, acne scars... and reduces the different signs of skin aging.
For visible results on your skin after 3 weeks.
Eneomey - Purify Gel, 50ml
79,00 € 79,00 € 79.0 EUR
Sebum-regulator gel.
PURIFY GEL eliminates impurities, reduces sebum production and imperfections, smooths and refines skin texture.
Blackheads are reduced, pores are tightened and the skin is purified.
Eneomey - Stim Renew 8, 50ml
67,00 € 67,00 € 67.0 EUR
Unifying anti-age night cream.
Ideal for the first wrinkles, STIM RENEW 8 refines skin texture and unifies the complexion.
Enhance the present and prepare for the future with this unique treatment.
Eneomey - Stim Renew 15, 50ml
73,00 € 73,00 € 73.0 EUR
Smoothing anti-age night cream-
STIM RENEW 15 revives the complexion and redensifies the skin, improving its elasticity and tone.
Signs of skin aging are visibly reduced after 3 weeks.
Eneomey - Stim Renew 30, 50ml
79,00 € 79,00 € 79.0 EUR
Firming anti-age night cream.
STIM RENEW 30 diminishes the visible effects of aging: it reduces skin sagging, improves tone and firms the skin.
Your skin is firmer and visibly younger.
Eneomey - Rejuv Silk, 50ml
79,00 € 79,00 € 79.0 EUR
Redensifying anti-age cream.
REJUV SILK is composed of a powerful nutritive and hydrating concentrate, Hyaluronic Acid and 2 exclusive active complexes to reinforce the density, elasticity and firmness of the skin.
This soft and silky cream redensifies your skin and brings comfort and hydration every day.
Eneomey - Rejuv Elixium, 15ml
64,00 € 64,00 € 64.0 EUR
Anti-aging plumping serum.
Rejuv Elixium reactivates the biomechanical properties of the skin to improve skin elasticity and tone.
It provides a lifting and filling effect on wrinkles and smoothes and moisturizes the skin for a global anti-aging effect.