OxySoak Antiseptische Fußpflege
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Antiseptisches Fußbadesalz zur Behandlung von Fuß- und Nagelpilz und Warzen. Ein wirksames Fußbadesalz, das auch die Heilung von Rissen fördert, Hornhaut weich macht und Schweiß- und Geruchsfüßen vorbeugt.
GEHWOL - Cream Foot Bath, 150ml
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GEHWOL - Foot Bath, 400g
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Akileine - Foot Bath Tablets, 7x12g
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Feet with strong perspiration.

Akileïne® Effervescent Footbath Tablets quickly deodorize and disinfect the feet thanks to their effervescent benefits. Prevention of fungal infections is ensured thanks to the anti-bacterial active ingredients. The skin of the foot is thus healthy, softer and pleasantly perfumed.

Akileine - Relaxing Foot Bath Salts 2x150g
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Tired Feet

Akileïne® Relaxing Bath Salts relax and decongest tired feet, quickly soothing that overheated sensation and giving a feeling of well-being. The feet are lightly perfumed and the diffusion of aromatic essential oils invites you to relax.